How many fans here know my video “A Hallow Tale“? Probably many.. and to those ones that don’t know it yet, give it a look here . Let me tell you something very important: THANK YOU so much for all the support and love I’m getting all these years from you.. I promise that things are just gonna grow more and more!

I wanted to show you a few pics of behind the scenes of the video…As far as I remember I have incredible memories.. happy and sad.. But that’s life right?!We had lots of fun taking the video and Ivan(previous singer) had incredible ideas.For those ones wondering, Ivan was the singer on “SELF CONSCIOUS INSANITY” (The album you can find it everywhere) and we are no longer working together since years now.


An amazing and talented singer joined me on my new album and his name is RYAN HOWELL, follow him on IG, TW, or FB. We are gonna release lots of stuff for you very soon and after that the new album itself.


Anyhow.. getting back to the topic.. To take A Hallow Tale video we took quite a few days, I can’t tell wether it was 5 or 6 right now..mhmm but anyhow you get the idea that it was a long work. That event was also the 1st time Sophia from Season Of Ghosts and I met. We took the video in my favourite woods..the places I used to walk or better saying used to walk when I was living in Italy. The make up was made by an amazing artist which is also the same person that created Jack O’ Lantern’s mask.

We All did the best we could and I guess our efforts paid back very well!Now you just gotta wait for the new videos and the ideas I have, are crazy..It will happen I promise 😛


Thanks for reading, I wanted to share some moments of that video with you since I while. Let me know if you liked this blog on my IG, TW or FB.. You can find me anywhere you want!

Love ya.







Hi folks, how’s your week so far?
Recently I’m answering lots of fans emails about my music life and how does it feel
on tour.Actually, at the moment I kinda miss touring, my life/career is usually
divided in 4:
All these parts do not include “REST”!I guess it sounds weird to you but for me it’s
the right moment to push hard and work harder.Anyhow let’s not go out of topic..
Touring for me is something very special, being on
stage really makes me feel free of any stress. It’s an overwhellming sensation that
you get inside yourself. I always tell my fiance and music partners that I really
love being on the road.Many times I feel like I was born for that..
Fans always see it like a fantastic thing to do.. and believe me it really is great
touring and meeting fans BUT what you are not aware of… it’s all the stress
musicians go through on tour.There are many things you might be stressed about,
Being worried of making mistakes although you’ve been prepared very well for your
Being afraid of going through technical problems that might compromise your
performance (although it’s not you fault) that in the end puts you in a bad light to
the audience.
There are so many things you can be stressed about BUT personally… as soon as I get
on stage, I really forget about any kind of stress. This is me though and everyone is
different.I empty my mind and I just know I gotta do my job and that’s all.
What really matters there for me is to play well and create a connection with the
crowd!Actually creating a connection with your crowd is THE thing you gotta focus the
most. If you prepared yourself for the tour like you are supposed to.. I’m sure
you’ll play well so just focus on the people in front of you! Involve them with the
connection you have with your band and become a part of whole.
Our job is not an office job, we are there to give something and we gotta give the
best we can, we gotta give the all the good energy we can!
I hope with this blog to answer all your questions.. my new album is finished and I
hope to meet all of you on stage as soon as possible.
Love you and thanks for reading!



Hi there,
today I want to open up about something very personal..I’d say that.. this is gonna be a pretty
unusual blog.. and I hope to be helpful with some of you or your friends.

I guess not many fans know I have ADHD (Attention deficit/Hyperactivity disorder).. for those
ones that don’t have any idea what this a few words: It’s a brain disorder marked by an
ongoing pattern of inattention or hypercativity/impulsivity that interferes with functioning or

In my case it’s mainly hyperactivity…I always had this but honestly I never cared until I
started living with someone…I could notice that I did not just bug others…but this thing
mainly started bugging me.

I don’t have problems focusing on things (thank God)..I’ve always chosen a spiritual path since
I was a kid, so meditation ,as years passed by, fixed any kind of focus gap a person with ADHD
might have.

For those ones of you reading that might suffer from this.. I can understand you 100% cos simple
things many times can be hard.. the simplest.. but ok let’s not make it a big deal! It’s nothing
too big or not treatable!! I never got any medication.. I’ve always chosen a natural way of
fixing things.. I prefer avoiding pills… In fact I like challenges that involve inner personal

So far.. I’ve lived in different countries and I always found a way to balance my problems about
this matter..sadly last year I started having more energy than usual.. so I decided.. I had to
do something different about it.

I actually started reading around and researched quite a bit…many things were leading towards
excellent results achieved with physical exercise in various intensities.
I gave it a shot and it’s 8 months now my life changed even more than ususal…the gym/exercise
really helps a lot and I have discovered how to turn ADHD from a weakness point into a winning

I noticed that while other people (average natural/no steroids) could exercise on an average of
3 days per week(high intensity training) sometimes using pre-workouts…I was able to exercise
5 to 6 days a week without any pre-workout! So ADHD is a natural pre-workout.. able to give you
an extra boost and a faster way to get your body in a good healthy condition. You’ll also be able
to achieve faster results that you will be able to see in the mirror!

If you are reading and you don’t have ADHD but you know people that might have this.. let them
read this blog. I’d like to help those people and everyone that needs help by sharing my

If you wonder:” where can I find the time everyday to go to the gym?” there’s no valid excuse!
20 to 30 mins per day never killed anybody! Sacrifice something else from your activities!!
Other QUESTION:”I have no money for the gym!”..There’s no excuse once again! It’s 2017 and you
can run outside or you can find so many things about exercises(every kind of level) on the
internet, youtube, whatever etc..

Take care of youself.. not only for your own good… but 1st for the balance/peace of others..
YOU have ADHD! Don’t let others suffer because of you! Like anything else.. if you wanna achieve
something.. it takes will power and big balls! Love you all!

PS: If anybody wants direct advice.. feel free to write me.. you can find me on my social



What’s up folks?!
I want to reveal something about the last period of my life/recent events…
I’ve always been a spiritual person…I always studied many things for so many years and they are very precious for me in my everyday life.

I always believed that, connecting your mind to your body..whatever thing you will be able to achieve it.

I always meditate and make sure to spend the right time in the wild nature trying to connect/speak with the pure environment. Same goes when it’s time to write music.

If you read my previous blog “PUSHING MUSIC BEYOND LIMITS” you already know then how these blogs
can be connected…if you didn’t read, make sure to check it out!

I believe everything has to come within your inner self and your brain…
I’m in a pretty weird period of my life..I always had problems with ADHD..and until
recently.. meditating always helped me a lot to reach my balance.This time though..
it was not enough! I started having incredible/excessive energy inside me and I had trouble understanding how to relieve that.

I got into fitness/Body Building..(of course) I always had an active life..always took care
of my body, nutrition and I always made sure to make some kind of activity/sport…just..
this time didn’t seem enough to energy was not getting relieved.

I subscribed to the gym and started exercising…first 3 times a week…then 4 times a
week..until I reached the level I’m at. Now I exercise on an average of 5 to 6 days a week.
I learned lots of stuff about exercise.. nutrition (also thanks to my buddies Ryan Howell
and Chris Simmons.) and for sure I learned to know my self from a different point of view
and even more.. I know my body or I’m on the right path to.

I had people wondering whether I get steroids or not…FOR SURE I DON’T! But I understand
normal/natural people don’t usually exercise 5 to 6 days a week with sessions of 1 to 1h
and 30 mins. It can sound very suspicious to many meatheads… BUT that’s the point!!

I’m 100% natural and most of my energy comes from ADHD but there’s something else… you
can’t exercise that much if you do not connect your mind/spirit/soul to your body.
It’s the same way I do in music! I just care about my vision and I keep it there in my
mind. I just don’t care about whoever surrounds me in this case…Even if I have 200 fellas
around me.. I visualize myself ALONE.

My muscles…my mind..lots of sweat/effort and 1.30 h of time to spend before getting the
hell out of the gym. I concentrate.. I connect my mind to the muscles I’m about to
exercise…I want to hear my body talking to me.. and for example when you are
on the bench doing bench WANT to feel your chest screaming/burning.. it has to be
a connection..otherwise you might end up getting less results but worst of all.. making a
dead movement.

I don’t plan on being a pro athlete.. but if you gotta do something then.. do it well or
give up. Wars (as stupid as they could be) were never won using the word “kinda”..they were
either won or lost! Same should go for everything you do in your can do
something.. or you can’t do something… both are fine, but when you do something “kinda”..
believe me it never leads you very far. This is the way I see life… a bit strict maybe..
Always try to connect your mind/spirit to your body.. you’ll see the difference as time
goes by…

This was another piece of my mind… some of the chapters of that book I call life.. my
life! I hope someone will find this blog useful..

Love ya.. Sam

Remember: NEW BLOG every Wednesday… and.. WE ARE ALL MAD HERE!



Hi there,
Today I want to talk about something very close to me and in the same time I’m pretty sure
I’m gonna answer to many questions you might have in mind with this blog.
I want to talk about that thing I always fought for in my life and always will 😛 “MUSIC”.

So…since I was a kid I always felt attracted to classical music…and in the end.. that’s
the path I chose. I guess many of you already know I’m an orchestra conductor..I worked in
quite a few European Opera Houses..and Although ZOMBIE SAM as a project/band is not
classical music..I assure you that my band really is very close to it.

Nowadays everyone kinda is/believes to be a music producer..this is mainly due to
technology that (thank GOD) really helps us recording, sound designing etc..without knowing
a single music note. Now don’t get me wrong on this..I don’t say it’s bad! In fact I always
hated music theory since ever but it also allows you to surpass limits that at some point
using softwares (only) you cannot pass.

Studying classical music really opened my mind (I believe)..I got skills that I really
found useful to improve in my everyday life. Lots of people/fans see me as guitarist (for
my own band and Season Of Ghosts)… indeed I am but I prefer seeing myself as a general
artist. I never liked giving titles to who is who or who is playing what…I find giving
titles limitating in all aspects… and last but not least, like I already mentioned in
many interviews in the past.. when it comes to record/compose/arrange new material,
guitar….is the last instrument I touch!

Are you wondering “how do I compose then?” hahaha well.. since I was a kid I always had a
clear picture of the vision each person should have for each song he/she writes. For me
always happened like it was a movie…with the right environment, people/anything that
could give me inspiration/energy…I could even have the sensation to smell the air of that
precious moment… and after that.. I hear violins.. you know?!..that perfect soundtrack
you could ever hear/write? That’s it!!! I try run to get a notebook and a pen and I note
everything down.. ready to write music for a full orchestra!

So..That’s how in the beginning each one of my songs can be considered “Classical Music”.
After this step.. the real fun begins, because I need to convert a real orchestra into the
genre I wanna play for example in my case my band ZOMBIE SAM. It takes me a long while to
do all this(also cos I’m stubborn and a perfectionist)cos it’s not really easy but the
result is what you can hear with my songs.

That’s how I do it making it very short for you haha cos it sounds easy but infact it takes
me time to process what instrument is gonna be what etc… and if you take each one of my
songs from “Self Conscious Insanity” and you apply the inverted process of how I write.. I
assure you everything will turn into a soundtrack! For example? That’s how my song ” A
Hallow Tale” was created! If you know my album.. on the physical copy there’s an orchestral
version on Hallow Tale that you can find here on my SOUNDCLOUD

My 1st album was anyway an experiment of what I had in mind years ago..I can assure you my
new album will sound brilliant and I can tell you it’s in a different level! I did a very
big upgrade and.. that’s due to the fact.. my life probably the
“vision”/soundtrack in my head changed as well right?!?! hahaha…There are so many things
I’d like to tell you about this album but…I promise it will be out as soon as possible.
I hope you found this blog interesting.. for all people close to music or not. For me music
is part of my soul.

Thank you for reading this blog.. remember.. We aRe All MaD HeRe!!!

PS:If you have any question regarding this blog, please feel free to Tweet me on my
TW..Write me in private on my IG or FB..I always take the time to answer to every fan!

Love you.



Hello folks, I want to share something with you today… because I know many of you might need some energy.

We all need to be motivated, pushed to do something or even something so simple like a smile… that smile able to turn our day in a positive day.

Let me tell you, my whole life has been a challenge but that didn’t stop me from what I really wanted to achieve…I kept fighting …sometimes even too much but I did quite a few things so far. There’s no secret in fame/success or stuff like that…it all depends on your efforts and how much you can push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Not everyday is the same… there are days that things are easy and doing stuff will come naturally…and there are days where everything will be heavy, and it’s exactly there…that you have to push more.

There are dark moments in everyone’s life and nothing is ever easy.. but this life is a journey and you have to see it like the best adventure that you will ever have… Take your mind off the problems for a moment, and focus on the positive possibilities. Consider how very much you are able to do.

My grandpas used to tell me lots of stories when I was a kid, this made me see life from a different point of view.. everything I do…I want to do it like my life is a book and every book has chapters. I want to have stories to tell when I’ll be old. Silly isn’t it?

20160607_055819Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.

Remember it’s never easy.. I don’t talk just because…I’m in the beginning (still) of what I really want to achieve and I won’t stop until I reach my goals and even then.. new goals will come up and etc..

I’m in a very difficult moment of my life and staying focused at the moment is not so easy.. I thank my fiance for supporting me and I know that this, is just gonna be a dark chapter of the book I call life.. lots of things will change for us here and I can’t wait to show you what comes music.. new album.. new tours… everything will come in the right time.


I just wanted to share something with you to keep you motivated.. even more when dark moments are outside the door.. there, remember.. push hard and go out of your comfort zone.. you’ll see the difference later.

Love you all, stick around and thanks for reading.



What’s up dear family? Long time no see… or better it has been so long since I wrote last.

I honestly got lots of things to do and I’m trying to write a blog since forever.

I’m very excited to share with you What’s happening in my life in the last year now.

I’ll try to keep up with blogs as much as I can because in the end communication is one of the most important things an artist can have with fans. I have many things to tell you and I’d like to share my experiences around the world with you. I will soon write a blog speaking about the American experience (touring with SEASON OF GHOSTS) and the business trip Sophia and I had in Japan.

I’m so glad you like the song I arranged for Halloween! Or better the songs I did.

The 1st one is “THIS IS HALLOWEEN” (Nightmare Before Christmas Cover) Featuring Ryan Howell that you can listen on my soundcloud page or download it for free here: Mixed and mastered by Paul Dark Brown and Zombie Sam.

The 2nd song is “SALLY’S SONG” ( Nightmare Before Christmas cover) by SEASON OF GHOSTS! You can find the song SOG Soundcloud. Check it out. Mixed and mastered by ZOMBIE SAM.

Sophia and I finally announced we got engaged. We had be talking about it for some time. I’m happy we shared this with all of you.

It’s all for now so stick around because soon I will write here ASAP more often… I have to introduce the new singer that joined me on the new album and many more things.



Hi to everyone,

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog, you know I’m focusing so much on this new
album and I’m forgetting about the basic things of life. I’m a stubborn person and I never
give up on anything unless I really complete it. I’m working so much on this album and many
times I wish I could show you what’s going on… but then I think that it’s better showing
you the last result in the end.

Today I’m here because I want to give to each one of you positive energy for your everyday
life. My life used to be difficult and it still is but I always choose to see the positive
side of everything because if you think about it there’s no other choice to face this life.
Remember that positive energies attract positive things/vibes so when something bad happens
to you… think about this.. think about me. In order to carry a positive action we must
develop here a positive vision because a positive anything is better than negative
nothing… because you have to believe you are gonna make it no matter what.

My past was very sad…I’m on my own since I was 11 years old because of family
issues/misunderstandings and I’ve been sad/down so many times that you have no idea…
when you have nothing but yourself then you try to appreciate every small thing you see around you.

I see my life like an adventure and I try to experience it in the best way I can.

I made so many things in order to acchieve what I have today but the real change I had it
1 year ago… I got depression due to health problems. I was seeing all black and I was
ready to give up on the thing that makes me happy the most in this life.. “MUSIC” I thought
I would never be able to compose and create anyting once again…And you know.. in these
kinds of moments you really see how many friends you have around and among all the people I
had around “friends”…. nobody was supporting me or even calling me on the phone. On the
contrary in fact people shown their own faces and I thank that period of my life because I
could see clear…

I don’t want to say many details but my life really changed because just one person was
standing next to me and I thank it. I started seeing in a different way maybe because when
you reach the bottom in your life you have no other choice than letting you down or waking
up and really change things. I decided that I had to wake up and kick some asses and I
did!!! I did little steps but with open mind, focusing on the real important things of
life… focusing on myself and repeating to myself that I could do something worth it. Work
hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong
and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you
down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something
positive. Months past and things were improving.. you know the trick of the success is
really believing in yourself..

I assure you…. you will do the rest guided by your own instinct. I think this is the
first time I really open up and I want nothing but the best for all of you. When you feel
down think about this: Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the
pain… TRUST ME it’s the best way to react.. I don’t say it’s easy.. I’m not so naive to
do so but I can tell you, take your chances and react.. take the right amount of time to
breath deep and think. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start
having positive results.

I hope this blog will help many of you.

Stick around for news about the music, I will post a video in the studio very soon.


#WeAreAllMadHere #LoveNeverFails #ZombieSamFamily #WishMakeLive



Hello fans and friends.. it has been a while since my last blog and I’d like to have more time to share my thoughts but my life is super busy at the moment and I’m happy about that… Since my last blog I’ve been around, travelled and many things changed in my life… I observe people everyday because I get inspired by them but what I notice everyday of my life is that: EVERYONE or at least the average wears a mask. I honestly don’t agree.. you might have many reasons to do it but, I believe we can shine in our own light… I mean, if you are afraid to be yourself because you don’t like something.. well, it’s the right moment to work it out and overcome the thing.. wearing a mask is the easiest solution but what if you expose yourself? I assure you will be happy in the long run.
Also I see lots of fakeness in the music business. this makes me sad and disappointed!! Artists trying to be sneaky and slimy just trying to be polite in order to sell 10$ of music…. honestly I find this attitude miserable… the most important thing if you want to be an ARTIST is to think about creating good music because if you are aiming at becoming rich and famous by selling CDs.. well I can tell you that you have lost since the start! and if you count you followers everyday you are a loser.

What I care the most is other things and I never try to be fake in order to win anything. Who you see online is only myself. I see lots of people from the music business even people that I know being fake and this honestly makes me laugh.. I have an advice for whoever person wants to follow it : BE YOURSELF EVERYBODY ELSE IS TAKEN.

Many other things happened in the previous months and I’m very happy about my company INVICTUS MEDIA and my work partner Sophia from SEASON OF GHOSTS. She is a real artist and she is not afraid to be herself.I enjoy sharing my music experience with her and I guess the same from the other side. We have many ideas that we cannot reveal but you will see..

I would like to share more thoughts with all of you but in this last period my brain is very cloudy because I’m very focused on many jobs and one of them is my NEW ALBUM!! I also promised I would release a free song and that’s what I’m working on at the moment.

I take the chance to say thank you to all my fans that support me everyday and send hundreds of messages. A fan also made a FAN-Remix getting inspired from the song A HALLOW TALE and if you want give it a listen:

I also want to say thank you to all of you that created the hashtag #ZombieSamFamily it means a lot to me!! I also use #WeAreAllMadHere and #LoveNeverFails because I believe all the people that want to stay around me they do it because they like my world and they believe in love.

I hope you have a nice day, rememeber ALWAYS SMILE NO MATTER WHAT!




Hello fans and readers,

I wanted to express my opinion about Valentine’s Day cos I’m not a big fan of this day and stuff like that… I think love is a pure feeling.. many times we say that word but…. we forget that we need to mean that…Honestly… what is love?

I don’t think we can find a real description about this feeling.. we can just recognize it whenever we feel something burning inside of us because love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you..
Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible… it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could…Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye and it’s up to us to do the rest.

Nowadays I see that hate is a bigger feeling… what about this? I guess you wonder why but you do NOTHING to change this and in the meanwhile hate is spreading around.. bacause hate is an easier feeling… it’s an easier feeling to live with.

You know what.. I invite all of us to look inside of us and try to feel that bright light that might be sleeping because I believe in love and I believe in good things.. everyone can be better than we really are. Always leave room in our lives to change and improve… Don’t waste the word “I LOVE YOU” if you don’t mean it… Personally I don’t like VALENTINE’S DAY, WHY?

Because I don’t need ONE special day to love the person I have around but IF YOU REALLY LOVE… REMEMBER TO DO IT EVERYDAY and give the best you can as days go by.. If you do so.. you will feel better and happier…when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own… you are doing the right thing!


If you want to express your opinion about this blog feel free to write me on Twitter or Facebook