Hi folks, many of you already know that apart from music I like cooking and as real Italian man.. cooking is in our DNA LOL!!!! So from today on I will be posting some recipes 1 time per month!!

What are we gonna do today? Something very very simple.. I’m talking about:

Ghost pizza bagels!!

Let’s start shall we?






8 slices mozzarella
8 mini bagels
1/2 c. marinara
4 black olives



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. / Cut mozzarella slices into ghost shapes using a paring knife.
Spread a thin layer of marinara over pizza bagel and top with ghost.
Bake until cheese is melty, 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, cut olives into little pieces for eyes. Dot the ghosts and serve.

The scariest thing about these pizza bagels is how fast we’re going to eat them.

If you are wondering…”WTF Sam you are a musician.. why do you post food?… guys life is about what you like. I might be a music producer yes.. but life is about expression and I like art and create things!

Enjoy.. please let me knoe what you think about this and if you have the time to make this!
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Hey dudes welcome to my blog!

I hope you had a brilliant week so far! How many of you are aware about me apart from being an artist/music producer I’m also a SOUNDTRACK producer? Have you checked the instrumental/cinematic tracks I’ve released so far? Recently I’ve released quite a few for example PROLOGUE from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and ASSASSIN’S CREED UNITY! You can find both songs on my channel here and they are also free downloads so if you did not download the yet.. there you go the link and go grab them!


So after the small advertisement moment LOL let me go ahead with the blog. One of my biggest passions(among others) are soundtracks and this is what I’m aiming at being (ost composer) in a few years. For now I still enjoy touring and the “ROCKSTAR” vibe/life or whatever LOL. Later on.. don’t know when exactly.. I’ll focus more on locking myself in the studio forever LOL and make soundtracks for movies.

So far I’ve worked on a few advertisements but it is really a different job from being around with a band.. it really requires different attention on the matter so I as much as I’d like to do both.. for the time being I can’t really! It’s ok.. I prefer enjoying my journey at the moment with my band/project since I have not reached all the set targets yet.


Anyhow.. soundtracks are my passion and I’m also a cd collector! I like collecting origianl cds and vintage printing to be exact. I have a very brilliant collection of soundtrack cds… actually pretty rare stuff since what I have/buy it’s just 1st printing editions. I don’t buy them online since you can’t really trust sellers saying the truth about telling you wether their items are 1st printings or not…I mostly buy my rare/precious cds in my work/tour/vacation trips.


You have no idea how many rare things you can find by travelling… some of the sellers do not even use online shops so unless you go analog you can’t really find some items. For me soundtracks are like memories in my life and that’s why I collect things in every trip I have!! This way I do not have a rare cd only but but I also have a memory of the place I’ve been through. Recently I’ve been to Japan and randomly walking in Nakano brodway goint to the train station.. I pass by accident next to a cd shop…I went in and this guy had amazing soundtracks.. very rare stuff that I thought it would be impossible finding… the guy was an old gradnpa so forget about online shop or ebay… I won’t forget what memories I collected in Tokyo… I got some cds for 100 Yen.. wich is almost 1 euro/dollar I think… the real value of one of the cds I got.. it was over 75 euros.. That was a lucky day for real hahaha.


Always collect memories in your life.. it is the only proof we really walked on this earth.





HI there! How’s it going? me?

I’m fine, just very swamped with lots of work recently.. I’m here writing this blog about the cover Sophia and I arranged from Assassin’s Creed – Unity released for free July 5th so if you haven’t checked it out just yet.. do it! it’s there for you! Download it.. stream it..share it with your friends.. anything you want! I’m actually busy with what’s coming next!!! HAHA no spoilers for you.. not even a clue infact but you will see soon enough!

Anyhow… is there any of you that had the pleasure to play one of the Assassin’s Creed games? 1 year ago I had a huge problem with stress and my doctor had told me to calm the fuck down… easy to say for doctors but anyway… but that was the perfect excuse for Sophia and I to buy a PS4 LOL!!!

Previously.. the last console I owned it was I PS2 cos I did not have the time to play… like now actually.. I just obblige myself to do it everynow and then but anyhow due to that I had lost all the releases that happened for PS3 including in this the Assassin’s Creed series or at least the 1st chapters of the game!


I guess it’s useless mentioning that now I own all the series of Assassin’s Creed lol.. recently was released the “Ezio’s” legacy so now I really have all of them. If I have to be honest the one I like the most is BLACK FLAG but UNITY and SYNDICATE were incredible as well and had a better gameplay. I became a fan of those games and that’s why I decided to arrange a cover with my own Zombie Sam spin. I also managed to involve Sophia from Season Of Ghosts in this so I can assure you it was a brilliant outcome according to my opinion. That’s up to you telling me what do you thing about my version!


If you are a fan of the games and/or you have friends that might.. just invite them to the streaming link here where it is also possible to download it for free.


Thanks for reading and be excited cos much more is coming.





Hi everybody,

What day is today? it’s Wednesday!!! So it’s already time for a new blog! How’s your week going so far? Probably many of you are wondering why I want to speak about tattoos..actually my tattoos! I’ve been asked and answered more than 100 times in different occasions questions about what’s the meaning of my tattoos. Actually there’s one in particular that people get fascinated with. It’s a triangiualar shaped tattoo on my right arm.

1st of all, so far I just got 4 tattoos on my body. I’m not that kind of guy that does things out of fashion/trend or emotional decisions concerning this matter. I believe tattoos are like scars… and they stay with you forever… it’s something that speaks about yourself and your story.

Each one of my tatts express something about me.. specific periods of my life! Everything has a meaning for me. It’s something I want to say to myself and it’s there everyday giving me a message. A strong message to motivate me or to push me to not make mistakes in case I make/made some.

Here I’m gonna explain you the tattoo that matters the most to me which is actually the one people get curious the most too.


THE TRIANGLE OF LIFE I call it.. it’s a circle of protection also..balance and life direction!
So let’s split this triangle in half like you can see in the pic. What I called N1 represents a spiral, but instead of having a normal shape it’s open and it extends from side to side. Spirals usually represnt life/energy so.. it always has a beginning and an end! From the end then.. it goes back to the beginning! So called circle of life and you can repeat this AD INFINITUM!

N2 and N3 together is a full triangle.It’s divided in the pic just to explain you better… so each half represents 2 opposite parts of life.. GOOD and EVIL. the spiral rides through from part to part/side to side. You have to choose which part of life you are gonna embrace right?

So you can chose to live in the left side of life and stick with evil 100% WHICH IS OK! Nobody judges!! or you can live in the right side of life and stick with GOOD.. which is ok as well. Nobody tells you what to do about your life… Just being 100% one or the other have good and bad sides… what if you get inside/in the centre of the triangle/life?

The point in life for me is not only being 100% of something.. I like balance and good and evil are part of life. So if you get inside the triangle and you embrace/find your balance, you will notice that the triangle can also be an arrow and combined with the words underneath you are ready do do good things for your own good!
This way you can follow the direction of a balanced life ready to

1) WISH… and what you wish you can turn into reality so you can

2)MAKE… and what you make you will experience it so this way you will





Hello dears,

for all the readers my name is Zombie Sam and I’m a music producer/artist/visionary and I play in my own band ZOMBIE SAM (original name right?) and SEASON OF GHOSTS. People call me the Halloween man and I write blog to be as connected as I can to fans! I actually like sharing my life experience with all of you.

Today’s blog is about fitness! Let’s start.. shall we?
I’m gonna share here right now some of my private life/time and give you some advice if I can. How many of you make any sport activity? hopefully many do..LOL otherwise it’s about time to start something! It is never too late to take care of your health.

Fitness is very connected to they way you preserve your body so I really recommend to have a good activity.. not in a specific period of your life.. but to have it kinda forever-ish?
I usually train 5 to 6 days a week for 1 or 1,30 hour per day. i try to keep it 1hour and 10 mins on an average in order to not burn my muscles. the purpose it is usually to burn fat.. but training too long might compromise your hard work at the gym. I usually divide my week like this(Ah I do all this multitasking my life when I get our of the studio cos after too many hours of work in the studio i feel like my ears do not work anymore lol):

Monday – Chest/triceps/abs
Tuesday – Back/biceps/abs
Wednesday – shoulders/abs
Thursday – Chest/triceps
Friday – back/biceps
Saturday – Total body workout(hit program)

Of course.. everyone works the way they want.. this is how it works better for me. I believe the whole point is not the workout only but actually all the rest. DIET comes before everything else, knowing you body then feeling your body and etc.. It’s not the excercise itself but it’s the whole process of learning how to take care of your body/yourself and change your own mindset in a new healthy lifestyle.
For example..learning that our body doesn’t need sugar so much..there are more bad sides than positive by consuming sugar. I eat just natural sources of sugar like fruits..I know there are some countries like America or Japan that sugar is added even in the toilet paper from too much abuse… but even there I know people living in a healthy way.

Another important thing is learning the right amount of carbs that our body needs.. cos although it is proven thatr carbs make you feel better.. after a cewrtain amount of grams.. you can get as happy as you want but you also get fat lol.
Anyhow, I don’t want to be boring but believe me.. each one of us should take care of ourselves a bit more than we really do. getting back at the training matter instead..I usually make 3 sets of 12 reps for each excercise. I make 5 excdercises for chest, 4 for triceps, 5 to 6 for back, 4 for biceps, 5 for shoulders and I make 2 exercises per every day of trainig. After the pumping iron moment lol I have 10 minutes cardio! Everyone has a different opinion about that.. but this is what works more with my body.
Recently I’m revealing lots of info about my private life… I hope you appreciate this and feel free to comment on my social medias. I hope you found this blog interesting or at least informative. Thanks for reading.

Stick around cos lots of music is coming.











What’s going on today??? Sophia and I are heading to Italy (my hometown country) cos like I said in the past.. my dream is AMERICA but my blood is EUROPEAN. Actually if you are reading this blog right now I might already be in Italy! So I will reveal you something about me:

I come from Torino or Turin(in english) a fantastic city with lots of history and lots of good energy!!Torino/Turin is a business and a cultural centre in nothern Italy, capital of Piedmont region and it was the 1st capital city of Italy “BEFORE ROME”(so if you wanna visit Italy make sure to check Turin and really give up on Milan/Milano cos it’s too much advertisement for nothing REALLY).
The city is located mainly on the western bank of the Po river in front of Susa valley and surrounded by the western alpine arch and by the Superga hill. The city has a rich culture and history and is known for its numerous art galleries, restaurants, churces, palaces, OPERA HOUSES(which I mostly worked in), pizzas, parks, gardens, theatres, victorian libraries, museums and other venues.


Wondering wether they paid me or not to write this blog? NOPE hahaha I live far from Torino since many years now and I was raised in Vienna Austria also.. I’m just very proud of the city itself…actually the thing I like the most is the RENAISSANCE, BAROQUE, ROCOCO, NEO CLASSICAL and ART NOUVEAU history and architecture!!! I’m not gonna tell you anything more.. just go and visit youself and you’ll understand everything I wrote about.


There are lots of fantastic woods/mountains around and you know my video A HALLOW TALE? yes some parts have been taken in Torino’s woods. I came to Italy right now cos I have some business to do PLUS I get to see my parents.. also, my grandma passed away weeks ago and I could not go to the funeral/see her.
Many of my dreams started from this city so I’ll always be thankful although Italy did not have anything to offer me Artwise speaking! Time to go now but I hope you enjoyed this blog.


Be excited cos lot of music is coming plus I released quite a few free tracks in the last period so make sure to download them.. check them here they are there for you and they are FREE! Lots of news are coming.









Hi there!
How is your week going so far? To all the new readers my name is Zombie Sam, I play in my own band, produce music and help fans or whoever is around by sharing my life experience.

I want to share something very important to me today.. something basic in my everydaylife. I already explained in my previous blogs that I’m a spiritual person so.. if you wanna check my previous blogs, you can find them here.

So let’s start.. as you can notice today’s title is “One day in the woods with Sam” so it’s very easy to understand what is very basic to me. Walking in the woods precicely! I will explain you why it’s so important to me and humans in general walking in the woods!

Personally..I meditate and it’s also one of those chances for me to get out of the studio and isolate myself into a different environment by connecting with the nature/universe and listening to the earth speaking to me. there’s something more though.. I will tell you what happens to you if you walk in the woods often… It’s proven by science that walking in the woods has some real good benefits.


This is what happens If you walk 1 to 2 hours 2 or 3 days a week:

1) IT MAY HELP PREVENTING CANCER(Spending time in a forest makes NK cells work stronger)






I could explain in detail why of each point but what I really want from you is: to readd this blog, walk in the woods 2 or 3 times per week for 1 month and research well about all those benefits I wrote above. open yourself to the universe and try to understand if you see any difference!

I used to go everyday after the studio but recently I’m busier than usual and it really makes the difference on me in a bad way! I’m less focused… more tired than ususal and I really need lots of effort to make easy tasks! I’ll try to go one of the enxt days… but.. you… open yourself to the nature/universe and you’ll see the difference in the long run!










What’s up folks? Why the heck is the new blog called “In The End”?


Very easy.. actually I wanted to explain you why Ryan and I covered that song. I really appreciate Andy Black’s work/voice and I really liked that song so much that I felt like giving it a different spin on it! I wanted to challenge myself and cover that song not as a fan but I really wanted to add something mine on it.


Some of you will like the song.. other won’t! The point in creating art is expressing ourselves.. little spoiler.. I did not play any solo on purpose cos the original song has already a good vibe. What I did is re-arrange the song in a cinematic way or at least.. in the cinematic way I like working with. You know, when you cover a song, it’s very easy to make copy paste and do the same thing… that’s why I don’t like covers BUT if you take something and you make it yours things will be a bit different!


The real challenge in this case is taking something good like Black Veil Brides did and not ruining the song.. actually the difficult part is also adding originality! I know many of you liked our version of KIDNAP THE SANDY CLAWS that you can download it here for free (for those ones that haven’t checked the song just yet) I announced through a blog that during the year I will arrange the whole soundtrack from Nightmare before Christmas.. you can read my blog here or find other songs from the soundtrack I arranged so far here.


Just be excited cos lots of stuff is coming believe me I’m working very hard! I hope you’ll enjoy our version on IN THE END.


Love you




Trick or treat?!?!


Hi there, yes I know it’s not Halloween but like I always say.. Halloween for me it’s a lifestyle!How did I become the Halloween-man? why is it so important to me?.. Let’s get it from the start:

The word Halloween man does not exist.. I don’t even think it’s proper english BUT I could not care any less! We create our own world and we play by the rules that we impose. So get enough people repeting something you say.. and then your rule turns into reality! (more or less) That’s how history was made actually… there’s always the idiot preacher about something and humans usually follows if they like what they hear. so in this case I would be the idiot ;_;!

Halloween is very important to me.. I created my own world/fanbase/music getting inspired by the whole concept of it! Since I was a kid I was always into monsters, horror, spooky, scary and stuff like that.. (I guess like many) But the real reason I’m on love with halloween is due to a very sad period of my life! I ever really explained my story to anybody.. maybe one day..perhaps?!?! What I can tell you is that when I was a kid I had a strong/bad depression due to personal matters…I was feeling without motivation/ purpose to do anything.

My life situation back then brought me to that. I visited a doctor/spycholohist for the first time ever in my life and I remember very well it was October 31st! In his office the doc had lots of Halloween decorations! Pretty unusual cos in my country Halloween was not such a big hit like in the UK or the US… I mean Italy has lots of history but it was not very big on Halloween stuff in the 90s. So my parents did not care abpout that celebration and I honestly had no clear picture in my head of what Halloween really was!

The doctor noticed on the spot I was fascinated by his carved pumpkin (LOL) and after speaking for 2 hours or so… he used the whole concept of that day to give me a small input to react. The colour pallette although were/are fall-ish colours so kinda sad colours apart from the orange, have me a reaction.. I was feeling something inside of me… I was a brilliant kid but people used to refuse my interests cos they were not what the average people was aming at. for example? I was born in Italy and the average kid wanted to play football and dreamt of being a pro player… while me on the other side wanted to become a classical musician/orchestra conductor and I wanted to use my brain for something smarter than just running behind a ball…… My family itself looked at me like I was a weird kid but anyhow.. the point was that Halloween.. the stories.. the colours and the whole essence really helped me getting out of my depression. It was wrong believing in a different world.. cos it was not real but it served its purpose back then! Here though comes what happened to my brain.. I promised myself I would have built my own world/music style around that.. that’s when I really decided I would have become the HALLOWEEN MAN! I’m not a fanboy! In fact I never fanboy anything or anybody.. but the reason you see me posting halloween things it’s cos for me it’s a lifestyle for real!

If you could see my house there’s Halloween things lying around the whole house lol.. REMEMBER in your life you create the wolrd you live in! Create what you like and live it at its best! Thanks for reading.










I know many of you were very curious about the song “Kidnap the Sandy Claws“! I got tons of comments, tweets and messages so I believe many of you were super excited! Before starting the blog let me thank Ryan Howell for the amazing performance and Chris Simmons for helping me out with the bass guitar since I didn’t have much time to do everything!

So here we go…I guess many of you already listened to the track I covered a while ago “WHAT’S THIS” right? I beg your pardon? YOU DID NOT? LOOOOL I’m joking! but for all of the fans that didn’t check that song out yet… you can stream it here and download it here among other free tracks!

Anyhow..When I was 10 years old(I think)or maybe 12… I promised myself I would have covered the songs from Nightmare Before Christmas’ soundtrack, I was so into the movie… so I had decided already I would have covered those tracks in my own style.
I’ve been a big fan of Danny Elfman since I whatched Batman if I remember well.. and I was just a kid! I usually hate covering songs but if I really do it it means I feel like the songs need to put my spin on.. If you can understand what I mean.. I was never a fanboy… I always try to get something and make it custom according to my vision.

Actually I thought it would be fun playing “Kidnap the Sandy Claws” or “This is Halloween” live! To really anjoy the whole magic pure essence of those tracks! Now here I GIVE YOU A BIG PIECE OF NEWS you will get excited with! I don’t know when still but I will try to cover the whole soundtrack from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”!! So what do you think? I’m already excited although I know it will take me lots of work!

I won’t tell you anything else about this matter but trust me… LOTS OF MUSIC IS COMING from Ryan and I! Lots of free tracks and in the end our 2nd album… so stick around, Ryan will probably kick me for telling you one of the many secrets we have!
All of you that are reading this blog, THANK YOU very much! I’m super busy but I try to keep up with blogs cos it’s the right way to share life experiences. If you want to check all the tracks I’ve covered/produced from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS so far here you can find the free download link or the streaming link:

1) SALLY’S SONG – Performed by Season Of Ghosts (produced by Zombie Sam)

2) WHAT’S THIS – performed/arranged/produced by Zombie Sam (Ryan Howell on vocals)

3) THIS IS HALLOWEEN – performed/arranged/produced by Zombie Sam (Ryan Howell on vocals)

4) KIDNAP THE SANDY CLAWS – performed/arranged/produced by Zombie Sam (Ryan Howell on vocals)

I hope you enjoyed the blog and the free song Kidnap The Sandy Claws.