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Hello Spooky family,

I have been away from social media…I took a long break. I got messages from fans and I know I disappointed some as Zombie Sam. After lots of time, I don’t want to promise anything but what I can tell you for sure is…I found a bit of energy and passion for this project again that has been lost on the way, partially because of my mistakes, splitting paths probably from people I should have to… or maybe yes but under different circumstances. From that, lesson I had to let go, someone, else in order to bring closure.

After that, I just wanted silence and no music for a while.

I recently (thanks to some fans and SOG going on tour again) can say I have found a bit of sparkle inside that I hope it will lead me towards what I know as “that thing burning inside” or butterflies in the stomach”. I hope this will lead me towards me releasing that famous album that had to be released in 2016!

But primarily, have I got a new vocalist?




The reality about professional musicians

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since last time. Lots of things happened and I to be perfectly honest for a while I felt like taking a distance from everything in order to gather my own thoughts. Lots of things have been achieved with the band  Season Of Ghosts but inside what I have felt for a while was incredibly strong.

As Zombie Sam the reality the sad truth is… I have been lost and I believe in humans too much. I know humans are still the people that support me on a daily basis, but when it comes to working on a professional level.. well the sad truth is that rockstars are assholes and they do not behave in the best way possible. You never know who you are gonna work with.

I will be posting more often here and share my thought about what’s gonna happen in the next months and what happened in all that time I have not been interacting or posting here. I will speak about the great things coming very soon and believe me, although as a band I did not do much… as a producer, I have been quite busy. Moving to the UK really helped me express myself.

I would like to clarify and say that this is my personal opinion based on many years of experience in the music Biz. Today I will tell you about my experience with music and the people around it. Everyone believes that musicians or getting popular come with being all on the same page, all having the same vision and going towards the same direction. That’s bullshit!! Not every band has every member really “on board”. Just because you play together, yes it means you share the same passion but it doesn’t mean you share the same vision.

Some musicians just play just because they are driven by different targets… A top list of what the world has best to offer as follows and let’s see how many of those I have met so far:

  • The FreeLoader: In a few words the guy not believing in the band’s mission and just staying there for the ride and doesn’t go out of his/her comforts and he’s/she’s never ready to invest because they believe bands calculate ROI (Return On Investment) beforehand. Before putting a penny on the table the loader wants to make sure he has already the money (he did not invest yet) back in his bank account. Result: The rest of the band in order to not fight(Just for a while) it ends up paying for the rest leading to fewer activities at some point the loader leaves the band.   – MET ONE


  • The Yes Guy (I Will Do It): This one usually is an individual with unrealistic expectations, unable to organise his/her own activities leading band members or even producers and people around them waiting forever to do something. There’s always an excuse for not being able to deliver the promised task.   – MET ONE


  • The PR Agent: This differs from country to country. I do not want to offend anybody or any culture so I will be vague. This individual speaks too much example ”yes I have this connection here and I have that connection there..bla bla bla” Result: when you hit the ”connections” nobody cares about you and there’s a deep embarrassing silence.   – MET ONE


  • The Old School Believer: This is literally one of those I really laugh at the most because I come from an old school guitar play style and I have studied music for many years.  Anyhow this individual, although might be an incredible player (and nobody cares in 2019) they believe the world owes them to be famous and they, believe that in the 90s someone was TAKING you from zero developing and MAKING you a rockstar. while you were drinking coffee from your pool.. Well.. let’s wake up now and say that even in the 90s  even Bon Jovi was working his ass off and nobody made him who he was out of nothing.   – MET ONE


  • The Too Busy too handle everything: This individual is me, basically too busy on too many things and when you manage your own band, you take care of your own Digital Marketing (Because you are a Digital Marketing professional or Inbound Marketing specialist) you are a professional Graphic Designer, then Music Producer and a few more things (plus apply this to another band) you might end you want to meet you KPIs but  you barely keep up with your own life updates. I know many talented people in this life and this is also because doing like these bands can achieve more and get better ROI.    – MET ONE


  • The Mercenary: This individual is not rare at all and in fact the more west coast you go the more of these individuals you meet. this individual is driven by his/her own passion for music (Yes I do not doubt that) but they forget some life values and they would sell their mother to the Devil in order to become really famous. You will see this individual passing from band to band and playing different instruments from what they really play. The target is to SEEK and DESTROY lol nope, the target is to Seek and jump on the bigger band that gives them more credit.   – MET ONE

I could tell you more but I believe this is enough, I could also post lots of pics of famous people to show what I mean for each bullet point but really… the reality is that the music world is not easy at all.

If you want to be a professional musician you really need to push hard and work non stop. You will meet lots of people and you will lose lots of people. It can be a beautiful world but also lonely. I love what I do and I will keep doing it in order to achieve my targets. In fact, you will be able to meet me on tour with SOG. The dates are the following:



April 21st – The ‘Quinphonic Festival’ , Birmingham, UK (Tower of Song)
May 4th – Heaven & Hell Fest 2019 , Sheffield, UK (The Royal Standard)
May 9th – Weinheim, Germany (Cafe Central)
May 10th – Rotterdam, Netherlands (Baroeg Rotterdam)
May 11th – Essen, Germany (turock – disco, live-club and lounge)
May 12th – London, UK (The Underworld Camden)
13th May – Paris, France (Petit Bain)


I promise to post something else very soon and I hope you will be able to come and see us on tour.

Latest releases:






Please check everything out and let us know on our social media.


I love you
















beauty and the beast prologue


Hi there,

Zombie Sam here lots of time passed since I posted last.

Lots of time ago, I posted saying I would have explained what happened to my 2nd album and why I am currently looking for a new singer.

My 2nd album I believe and define it one of the best creations I have ever done yet in my life. That’s why not publishing it made me feel extremely frustrated and I got into depression. I have been waiting 3 years for a singer to finish this album.

First things first, I want to announce that working on Season of Ghosts‘s new album for me was a way to get out of that depression, and we did lots of beautiful things with Sophia. I believe the band will keep making even more beautiful things. Now that I can finally feel creative and ready to get into music again I feel ready to get my career rolling and bring it to a new level.
This was also because you were always there to help and support me! Thank you all for your love.

3 and a half years ago (like now) I was looking for a new singer. I knew that Zombie Sam‘s new album would go to anew level and I felt the need to look for someone with more pop vocal skills, and a bigger range. I did not want to limit the new outcome. I spoke with many singers back then and after a long consideration, Ryan Howell was one of the best and most talented guys I had heard back then. I still believe that Ryan IS an incredible talent.

We started working on my album but things were never moving seriously or fast. I love Ryan I really do, but I have to explain all my fans what and why things did not move. You know, some people got their priorities all different… and I believe this is that case. Ryan took 3 years to complete 6 songs and I believe… those are the best songs I have ever composed and heard. He really has an incredible gift!

I just could not wait anymore to see my project and band go down and be compromised forever. I fought a lot for this project my whole life and spat blood to develop it! What I did? I took a stand and I decided that it was the right moment to let Ryan go. Him and I, 2 separate ways. As scary as that could have sounded for me…(why? because he really made an incredible work and I knew replacing him would have been a huge challenge) I did it and I told him I could not do that anymore.

I needed to bring clarity in my life and move further.

You all know we published some free songs but that was just a patch. I always make the mistake to believe in people and I kept waiting and waiting… just because I was afraid to let him go.

Now Sophia and I moved to the UK and I’m scouting talents around London and around that. I believe I’m on the right path to find the right person and soon I will be back with more news. This album WILL happen!

This is all I have to say… last year I had to learn lots of lessons and I really need to learn faster because learning things the way I did it was painful. Thank you Ryan for your friendship and I hope in your life you’ll be able to achieve your dreams. I will be working for mine as well. Between him and I there’s no grudge.. or maybe from my side… deep inside I still feel hurt… but we shared lots of short but incredible and intense moments during the US tour with SOG and we also had the pleasure to play A Hallow Tale LIVE!

Thank you to each one of you for reading this blog.

Love you


beauty and the beast prologue


BEETLEJUICE is finally here!

Download the song for free here: https://www.zombiesam.com/free-songs/

or stream it for free here: https://youtu.be/Qw_H81O02TM














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