Hi there,
Today I want to talk about something very close to me and in the same time I’m pretty sure
I’m gonna answer to many questions you might have in mind with this blog.
I want to talk about that thing I always fought for in my life and always will 😛 “MUSIC”.

So…since I was a kid I always felt attracted to classical music…and in the end.. that’s
the path I chose. I guess many of you already know I’m an orchestra conductor..I worked in
quite a few European Opera Houses..and Although ZOMBIE SAM as a project/band is not
classical music..I assure you that my band really is very close to it.

Nowadays everyone kinda is/believes to be a music producer..this is mainly due to
technology that (thank GOD) really helps us recording, sound designing etc..without knowing
a single music note. Now don’t get me wrong on this..I don’t say it’s bad! In fact I always
hated music theory since ever but it also allows you to surpass limits that at some point
using softwares (only) you cannot pass.

Studying classical music really opened my mind (I believe)..I got skills that I really
found useful to improve in my everyday life. Lots of people/fans see me as guitarist (for
my own band and Season Of Ghosts)… indeed I am but I prefer seeing myself as a general
artist. I never liked giving titles to who is who or who is playing what…I find giving
titles limitating in all aspects… and last but not least, like I already mentioned in
many interviews in the past.. when it comes to record/compose/arrange new material,
guitar….is the last instrument I touch!

Are you wondering “how do I compose then?” hahaha well.. since I was a kid I always had a
clear picture of the vision each person should have for each song he/she writes. For me
always happened like it was a movie…with the right environment, people/anything that
could give me inspiration/energy…I could even have the sensation to smell the air of that
precious moment… and after that.. I hear violins.. you know?!..that perfect soundtrack
you could ever hear/write? That’s it!!! I try run to get a notebook and a pen and I note
everything down.. ready to write music for a full orchestra!

So..That’s how in the beginning each one of my songs can be considered “Classical Music”.
After this step.. the real fun begins, because I need to convert a real orchestra into the
genre I wanna play for example in my case my band ZOMBIE SAM. It takes me a long while to
do all this(also cos I’m stubborn and a perfectionist)cos it’s not really easy but the
result is what you can hear with my songs.

That’s how I do it making it very short for you haha cos it sounds easy but infact it takes
me time to process what instrument is gonna be what etc… and if you take each one of my
songs from “Self Conscious Insanity” and you apply the inverted process of how I write.. I
assure you everything will turn into a soundtrack! For example? That’s how my song ” A
Hallow Tale” was created! If you know my album.. on the physical copy there’s an orchestral
version on Hallow Tale that you can find here on my SOUNDCLOUD

My 1st album was anyway an experiment of what I had in mind years ago..I can assure you my
new album will sound brilliant and I can tell you it’s in a different level! I did a very
big upgrade and.. that’s due to the fact.. my life changed..so probably the
“vision”/soundtrack in my head changed as well right?!?! hahaha…There are so many things
I’d like to tell you about this album but…I promise it will be out as soon as possible.
I hope you found this blog interesting.. for all people close to music or not. For me music
is part of my soul.

Thank you for reading this blog.. remember.. We aRe All MaD HeRe!!!

PS:If you have any question regarding this blog, please feel free to Tweet me on my
TW..Write me in private on my IG or FB..I always take the time to answer to every fan!

Love you.