Hello Spooky family,

I have been away from social media…I took a long break. I got messages from fans and I know I disappointed some as Zombie Sam. After lots of time, I don’t want to promise anything but what I can tell you for sure is…I found a bit of energy and passion for this project again that has been lost on the way, partially because of my mistakes, splitting paths probably from people I should have to… or maybe yes but under different circumstances. From that, lesson I had to let go, someone, else in order to bring closure.

After that, I just wanted silence and no music for a while.

I recently (thanks to some fans and SOG going on tour again) can say I have found a bit of sparkle inside that I hope it will lead me towards what I know as “that thing burning inside” or butterflies in the stomach”. I hope this will lead me towards me releasing that famous album that had to be released in 2016!

But primarily, have I got a new vocalist?