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I know many of you were very curious about the song “Kidnap the Sandy Claws“! I got tons of comments, tweets and messages so I believe many of you were super excited! Before starting the blog let me thank Ryan Howell for the amazing performance and Chris Simmons for helping me out with the bass guitar since I didn’t have much time to do everything!

So here we go…I guess many of you already listened to the track I covered a while ago “WHAT’S THIS” right? I beg your pardon? YOU DID NOT? LOOOOL I’m joking! but for all of the fans that didn’t check that song out yet… you can stream it here and download it here among other free tracks!

Anyhow..When I was 10 years old(I think)or maybe 12… I promised myself I would have covered the songs from Nightmare Before Christmas’ soundtrack, I was so into the movie… so I had decided already I would have covered those tracks in my own style.
I’ve been a big fan of Danny Elfman since I whatched Batman if I remember well.. and I was just a kid! I usually hate covering songs but if I really do it it means I feel like the songs need to put my spin on.. If you can understand what I mean.. I was never a fanboy… I always try to get something and make it custom according to my vision.

Actually I thought it would be fun playing “Kidnap the Sandy Claws” or “This is Halloween” live! To really anjoy the whole magic pure essence of those tracks! Now here I GIVE YOU A BIG PIECE OF NEWS you will get excited with! I don’t know when still but I will try to cover the whole soundtrack from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”!! So what do you think? I’m already excited although I know it will take me lots of work!

I won’t tell you anything else about this matter but trust me… LOTS OF MUSIC IS COMING from Ryan and I! Lots of free tracks and in the end our 2nd album… so stick around, Ryan will probably kick me for telling you one of the many secrets we have!
All of you that are reading this blog, THANK YOU very much! I’m super busy but I try to keep up with blogs cos it’s the right way to share life experiences. If you want to check all the tracks I’ve covered/produced from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS so far here you can find the free download link or the streaming link:

1) SALLY’S SONG – Performed by Season Of Ghosts (produced by Zombie Sam)

2) WHAT’S THIS – performed/arranged/produced by Zombie Sam (Ryan Howell on vocals)

3) THIS IS HALLOWEEN – performed/arranged/produced by Zombie Sam (Ryan Howell on vocals)

4) KIDNAP THE SANDY CLAWS – performed/arranged/produced by Zombie Sam (Ryan Howell on vocals)

I hope you enjoyed the blog and the free song Kidnap The Sandy Claws.






beauty and the beast prologue


KIDNAP THE SANDY CLAWS is finally here!

Download the song for free here: https://www.zombiesam.com/kidnap-the-sandy-claws-zombie-sam-cover-free-download/

or stream it for free here: https://youtu.be/7YMyvvCH88o


beauty and the beast prologue


Zombie Sam reveals the artwork from his last work “KIDNAP THE SANDY CLAWS”!

The song will be available on Friday April 28th in free digital download on www.zombiesam.com

The song features Ryan Howell as vocalist and Chris Simmons (Sleeping in Salem) on the Bass Guitar.


Hi there,
I feel so sad sometimes reading fans’ emails.. when they talk about getting bullied having a hard time at school or at work! It makes ma very nervous seeing all that. Let me tell you something…It’s about time I voice my opinion about this and I hope it will be helpfull for many of you. I just want you to get some good/positive energy.


Whoever is bullying you, usually ain’t the real strong person! In fact it’s always the other way around. Not everyone that looks though is really that though inside.


Behind the bully’s mask there’s always something hidden..many times it’s: INFERIORITY COMPLEX, LACK OF EDUCATION, LACK OF MANNERS, FEAR TO SHOW THEMSELVES FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE, FEAR TO BE CHALLENGED BY OTHERS and the most important of all.. NO SELF ESTEEM!


Try to read between the lines and you will see.. all those are bad points!So why do you think they are stronger? THEY ARE NOT! For weak people the best way of defense is TO ATTACK 1st! This way many times they trick you into believing they are the strong ones. It’s 100% the other way aroud. Remember.. who shouts louder ain’t the best…who hits harder ain’t the best either and just cos you get abused doesn’t mean you are the weak one!!


It’s the opposite and you should laugh about it… whatever the situation is! laugh about them in their face cos they DON’T KNOW ANY BETTER.. so poor them! YOU DO know something better so FIGHT BACK not with violence… use your brain and your words cos thatre’s nothing better than that! In the end they are the loosers so make sure to say this.. they are not superior to you.. they might just be bigger or whatever.. they are inferior to humans in general if they can’t respect others!!! They are THE REAL WEAK PEAPLE with 0 inner power!


I’d like top speak to each one of you that get through difficult times so if you just need an advice you can email me. I might be late answering but I always get the time to answer fans!

Take care!






How are you fellas?

I’m pretty busy recently, actually more busy than usual. I promised you would get more stuff from me and Ryan before we release the new album and now I ended up multitasking on more things than I can handle.

Today I want to speak about life changes! Although we all come from different circumstances/lives..I believe when you wanna change something in your life..we all end up doing the same thing.. following the only real way to change things!

I’m always very square and strict in everything I do, I always follow the best rule I’ve been taught:”DO IT WELL OR DON’T DO IT AT ALL” so everytime I want to change something in my life.. I make sure to get the right time to think before acting.

I don’t know what your plans are but I certainly give you a few tips, I never speak randomly and everything I say/write is based on my life’s experience. So let’s start.. shall we?

To change/improve your life 1st of all it usually takes courage, perseverance and a big fat strong will!
You need to work on yourself first and this actually should be your main target! Improving yourself it’s a 24/7 job and it’s a FOREVER and EVER job!!!

Here you go some tips in order to achive a few goals and level up in your life:

1- Stop caring about what people usually say, filter people’s words cos not everyone has something very good or wise to say about you. We are way too many milions of people on this earth and many of them really just waste your time. So really care about those ones that have to teach you something or give you something that can be really useful to your personal growth.

2- You need to set up your life with small targets that you can achieve with a bit of effort. Not too difficult in the beginning and then pretty big steps when you are really good managing your life/taks very well. So in the beginning start with weekly tasks/targets. Then extend to monthly targets.

3- Don’t get stressed if you fail in the beginning or you do not achieve all your goals.. obviously try hard but if you can’t, just try harder in the next target. The real point is to push yourself in general and you will see that you will achieve something for sure believe me. Whatever you did is for sure better than doing nothing so calm down and push your self more next time.
4- Always try to do something more than you just planned. Going out of your comfort zone is never easy but try to overdeliver each time you have to do something. The more the better. Whatever you do it’s only for yourself so you are gonna enjoy in the end for sure!

5- Take notes on paper for your daily tasks

6- Note down all your big targets on a calendar. Set up deadlines!

Sounds easy right? If you believe I don’t know your life situation.. I probably don’t but there’s no excuse for not evolving your life unless it’s a life threat period, so for all the other cases I APPLY what I wrote above. IF YOU WANNA DO SOMETHING DO IT WELL OR DON’T DO IT AT ALL!

You will meet lots of people in your life.. many will stay around you.. many you will call them friends and many others will leave.. always listen rather than talk too much cos we gotta learn from each other.
Many times people will try to drag you down but that’s part of life.. other times people will help you but the whole point is that you gotta take care of yourself each moment of this life… nobody will care about you more than your own self.. so love yourself and try to stay focused. you just have this life so live it at its best.

Love you I hope you enjoy tha blog.



What’s up folks?

I’d like to share something about my experience around the world! I had the pleasureto visit quite a few countries so far… due to work or even “little escape”(from too much stress).I’m a European dude so I’m in love with a few places of the European Union..I’m in love with Austria and Vienna to be exact..I had the pleasure to live there for quite a few years, I love Germany, Switzerland, Belgium.. I like France.


I’m in love with Austria and Vienna to be exact..I had the pleasure to live there for quite a few years,
I love Germany, Switzerland, Belgium.. I like France..


Of course I love Italy..I’m Italian so I really love the place I was born/come from but I never stick long all the time I’m there. Recently I had the pleasure to visit Japan (which I found it INCREDIBLE) and last summer we toured the US with Season Of Ghosts.


I’m a fan of Sweden although I did not visit the country yet…What can I tell you about UK?..Very interesting country but it’s not really my cup of tea… I was always that kid growing up dreaming about Hollywood and California lol…actually the US in general and indeed that’s where I’m headed next I guess :).
I’d like to show you all the fantastic memories in my head of all the places I visited..One day I’ll upload tons of pictures from all those places.. there are so many other locations I want to visit.. I actually consider travelling like collecting things/countries or cities lolI prefer seeing it in that way.


How many places did you visit so far?


Comment on my social medias if you want to answer to this blog.


Find me on IG, TW or FB! Thanks for being around folks.. recently I posted a hint of the vocal lines Ryan Howell did on the cover of IN THE END (Black Veil Brides) we are working on. Check it here if you missed that. We are excited to show you our work.. so just stick around!


Love you















Very frequent question I get from fans?

What’s up folks? I hope you are all fine! Let me give you a few tips about this matter!

1st of all: what kind of idea do you have about making a band? What’s your target?
For example my dream was to be a musician and doing it for a living <– Which I do not reccomend
if you think doing that is easy.. dreams usually are very difficult to achieve and many times
people don’t know what it really takes to be a musician as job…many can see just the fun part…
you have no idea how many sleepless night…how many times you’ll get shut doors in your face and
also people trying to drag you down. You need lots of effort to reach a “level” and after you
reach that guess what? you will try to upgrade even more and reach a different level.. so this
is a never ending job!

Don’t get me wrong! Music is my job and I’m very happy with my life! I just want to make sure
you rellay know what being a musician as job is like! I want to you be keep your feet on the
ground by always being realistic! I’m not trying to discorauge you!

So after I wrote all this I can give you a few tips that you should consider everyday
and using it as holy bible:

I don’t think I need to tell you to gather good musicians right?

There’s much more I could tell you but that’s for advanced steps.. so if you wanna
start a serious band and get inside the music biz.. just follow these points above…

Other option: If your target is to play covers only, then just have fun and don’t get
too stressed ^_^, you still need to take care of lots of things but in a very easy way.
How to develop your band, dreams and follow all the tips I gave you.. well I can’t tell you
about that cos that’s part of everybody’s journey and it’s different for each one of us.. but
whatever you do, remember to enjoy every part of it! NEVER GIVE UP.. You’ll get to experience
many good and sad moments but NEVER GIVE UP believe me… I keep repeting this to myself everyday!

Love you!

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