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What’s up folks?

I’d like to share something about my experience around the world! I had the pleasureto visit quite a few countries so far… due to work or even “little escape”(from too much stress).I’m a European dude so I’m in love with a few places of the European Union..I’m in love with Austria and Vienna to be exact..I had the pleasure to live there for quite a few years, I love Germany, Switzerland, Belgium.. I like France.


I’m in love with Austria and Vienna to be exact..I had the pleasure to live there for quite a few years,
I love Germany, Switzerland, Belgium.. I like France..


Of course I love Italy..I’m Italian so I really love the place I was born/come from but I never stick long all the time I’m there. Recently I had the pleasure to visit Japan (which I found it INCREDIBLE) and last summer we toured the US with Season Of Ghosts.


I’m a fan of Sweden although I did not visit the country yet…What can I tell you about UK?..Very interesting country but it’s not really my cup of tea… I was always that kid growing up dreaming about Hollywood and California lol…actually the US in general and indeed that’s where I’m headed next I guess :).
I’d like to show you all the fantastic memories in my head of all the places I visited..One day I’ll upload tons of pictures from all those places.. there are so many other locations I want to visit.. I actually consider travelling like collecting things/countries or cities lolI prefer seeing it in that way.


How many places did you visit so far?


Comment on my social medias if you want to answer to this blog.


Find me on IG, TW or FB! Thanks for being around folks.. recently I posted a hint of the vocal lines Ryan Howell did on the cover of IN THE END (Black Veil Brides) we are working on. Check it here if you missed that. We are excited to show you our work.. so just stick around!


Love you















How many fans here know my video “A Hallow Tale“? Probably many.. and to those ones that don’t know it yet, give it a look here . Let me tell you something very important: THANK YOU so much for all the support and love I’m getting all these years from you.. I promise that things are just gonna grow more and more!

I wanted to show you a few pics of behind the scenes of the video…As far as I remember I have incredible memories.. happy and sad.. But that’s life right?!We had lots of fun taking the video and Ivan(previous singer) had incredible ideas.For those ones wondering, Ivan was the singer on “SELF CONSCIOUS INSANITY” (The album you can find it everywhere) and we are no longer working together since years now.


An amazing and talented singer joined me on my new album and his name is RYAN HOWELL, follow him on IG, TW, or FB. We are gonna release lots of stuff for you very soon and after that the new album itself.


Anyhow.. getting back to the topic.. To take A Hallow Tale video we took quite a few days, I can’t tell wether it was 5 or 6 right now..mhmm but anyhow you get the idea that it was a long work. That event was also the 1st time Sophia from Season Of Ghosts and I met. We took the video in my favourite woods..the places I used to walk or better saying used to walk when I was living in Italy. The make up was made by an amazing artist which is also the same person that created Jack O’ Lantern’s mask.

We All did the best we could and I guess our efforts paid back very well!Now you just gotta wait for the new videos and the ideas I have, are crazy..It will happen I promise 😛


Thanks for reading, I wanted to share some moments of that video with you since I while. Let me know if you liked this blog on my IG, TW or FB.. You can find me anywhere you want!

Love ya.






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