Hi everybody,

What day is today? it’s Wednesday!!! So it’s already time for a new blog! How’s your week going so far? Probably many of you are wondering why I want to speak about tattoos..actually my tattoos! I’ve been asked and answered more than 100 times in different occasions questions about what’s the meaning of my tattoos. Actually there’s one in particular that people get fascinated with. It’s a triangiualar shaped tattoo on my right arm.

1st of all, so far I just got 4 tattoos on my body. I’m not that kind of guy that does things out of fashion/trend or emotional decisions concerning this matter. I believe tattoos are like scars… and they stay with you forever… it’s something that speaks about yourself and your story.

Each one of my tatts express something about me.. specific periods of my life! Everything has a meaning for me. It’s something I want to say to myself and it’s there everyday giving me a message. A strong message to motivate me or to push me to not make mistakes in case I make/made some.

Here I’m gonna explain you the tattoo that matters the most to me which is actually the one people get curious the most too.


THE TRIANGLE OF LIFE I call it.. it’s a circle of protection also..balance and life direction!
So let’s split this triangle in half like you can see in the pic. What I called N1 represents a spiral, but instead of having a normal shape it’s open and it extends from side to side. Spirals usually represnt life/energy so.. it always has a beginning and an end! From the end then.. it goes back to the beginning! So called circle of life and you can repeat this AD INFINITUM!

N2 and N3 together is a full triangle.It’s divided in the pic just to explain you better… so each half represents 2 opposite parts of life.. GOOD and EVIL. the spiral rides through from part to part/side to side. You have to choose which part of life you are gonna embrace right?

So you can chose to live in the left side of life and stick with evil 100% WHICH IS OK! Nobody judges!! or you can live in the right side of life and stick with GOOD.. which is ok as well. Nobody tells you what to do about your life… Just being 100% one or the other have good and bad sides… what if you get inside/in the centre of the triangle/life?

The point in life for me is not only being 100% of something.. I like balance and good and evil are part of life. So if you get inside the triangle and you embrace/find your balance, you will notice that the triangle can also be an arrow and combined with the words underneath you are ready do do good things for your own good!
This way you can follow the direction of a balanced life ready to

1) WISH… and what you wish you can turn into reality so you can

2)MAKE… and what you make you will experience it so this way you will