Hello dears,

for all the readers my name is Zombie Sam and I’m a music producer/artist/visionary and I play in my own band ZOMBIE SAM (original name right?) and SEASON OF GHOSTS. People call me the Halloween man and I write blog to be as connected as I can to fans! I actually like sharing my life experience with all of you.

Today’s blog is about fitness! Let’s start.. shall we?
I’m gonna share here right now some of my private life/time and give you some advice if I can. How many of you make any sport activity? hopefully many do..LOL otherwise it’s about time to start something! It is never too late to take care of your health.

Fitness is very connected to they way you preserve your body so I really recommend to have a good activity.. not in a specific period of your life.. but to have it kinda forever-ish?
I usually train 5 to 6 days a week for 1 or 1,30 hour per day. i try to keep it 1hour and 10 mins on an average in order to not burn my muscles. the purpose it is usually to burn fat.. but training too long might compromise your hard work at the gym. I usually divide my week like this(Ah I do all this multitasking my life when I get our of the studio cos after too many hours of work in the studio i feel like my ears do not work anymore lol):

Monday – Chest/triceps/abs
Tuesday – Back/biceps/abs
Wednesday – shoulders/abs
Thursday – Chest/triceps
Friday – back/biceps
Saturday – Total body workout(hit program)

Of course.. everyone works the way they want.. this is how it works better for me. I believe the whole point is not the workout only but actually all the rest. DIET comes before everything else, knowing you body then feeling your body and etc.. It’s not the excercise itself but it’s the whole process of learning how to take care of your body/yourself and change your own mindset in a new healthy lifestyle.
For example..learning that our body doesn’t need sugar so much..there are more bad sides than positive by consuming sugar. I eat just natural sources of sugar like fruits..I know there are some countries like America or Japan that sugar is added even in the toilet paper from too much abuse… but even there I know people living in a healthy way.

Another important thing is learning the right amount of carbs that our body needs.. cos although it is proven thatr carbs make you feel better.. after a cewrtain amount of grams.. you can get as happy as you want but you also get fat lol.
Anyhow, I don’t want to be boring but believe me.. each one of us should take care of ourselves a bit more than we really do. getting back at the training matter instead..I usually make 3 sets of 12 reps for each excercise. I make 5 excdercises for chest, 4 for triceps, 5 to 6 for back, 4 for biceps, 5 for shoulders and I make 2 exercises per every day of trainig. After the pumping iron moment lol I have 10 minutes cardio! Everyone has a different opinion about that.. but this is what works more with my body.
Recently I’m revealing lots of info about my private life… I hope you appreciate this and feel free to comment on my social medias. I hope you found this blog interesting or at least informative. Thanks for reading.

Stick around cos lots of music is coming.