Hi there,

Zombie Sam here lots of time passed since I posted last.

Lots of time ago, I posted saying I would have explained what happened to my 2nd album and why I am currently looking for a new singer.

My 2nd album I believe and define it one of the best creations I have ever done yet in my life. That’s why not publishing it made me feel extremely frustrated and I got into depression. I have been waiting 3 years for a singer to finish this album.

First things first, I want to announce that working on Season of Ghosts‘s new album for me was a way to get out of that depression, and we did lots of beautiful things with Sophia. I believe the band will keep making even more beautiful things. Now that I can finally feel creative and ready to get into music again I feel ready to get my career rolling and bring it to a new level.
This was also because you were always there to help and support me! Thank you all for your love.

3 and a half years ago (like now) I was looking for a new singer. I knew that Zombie Sam‘s new album would go to anew level and I felt the need to look for someone with more pop vocal skills, and a bigger range. I did not want to limit the new outcome. I spoke with many singers back then and after a long consideration, Ryan Howell was one of the best and most talented guys I had heard back then. I still believe that Ryan IS an incredible talent.

We started working on my album but things were never moving seriously or fast. I love Ryan I really do, but I have to explain all my fans what and why things did not move. You know, some people got their priorities all different… and I believe this is that case. Ryan took 3 years to complete 6 songs and I believe… those are the best songs I have ever composed and heard. He really has an incredible gift!

I just could not wait anymore to see my project and band go down and be compromised forever. I fought a lot for this project my whole life and spat blood to develop it! What I did? I took a stand and I decided that it was the right moment to let Ryan go. Him and I, 2 separate ways. As scary as that could have sounded for me…(why? because he really made an incredible work and I knew replacing him would have been a huge challenge) I did it and I told him I could not do that anymore.

I needed to bring clarity in my life and move further.

You all know we published some free songs but that was just a patch. I always make the mistake to believe in people and I kept waiting and waiting… just because I was afraid to let him go.

Now Sophia and I moved to the UK and I’m scouting talents around London and around that. I believe I’m on the right path to find the right person and soon I will be back with more news. This album WILL happen!

This is all I have to say… last year I had to learn lots of lessons and I really need to learn faster because learning things the way I did it was painful. Thank you Ryan for your friendship and I hope in your life you’ll be able to achieve your dreams. I will be working for mine as well. Between him and I there’s no grudge.. or maybe from my side… deep inside I still feel hurt… but we shared lots of short but incredible and intense moments during the US tour with SOG and we also had the pleasure to play A Hallow Tale LIVE!

Thank you to each one of you for reading this blog.

Love you